About MSP


For most people boating represents relaxing with family and friends on the water; fishing, sailing and getting away from the routine of every day life. A great deal of time and effort goes into preparing boats for various activities.

Preparing a vessel’s safety equipment and having a safety plan is the first step in protecting your crew in the event of a boating accident. Boating accidents do happen and they usually happen very quickly. Having your vessel’s safety equipment in an accessible flotation device is critical to your survival at sea.

The Marine Safety Pod is a world first safety invention

It is constructed from strong, UV protected plastic and consists of two identical halves that clamp down on the 4 storage compartments. Each half is a double skinned air tight unit with 2 flare holes designed to house activated smoke or laser flares. Both halves are identical so the pod always lands the right way up.


With dimensions of 680mm x 400mm x 150mm

The MSP is large enough to store necessary equipment and provide a support platform without occupying too much valuable boat space.